Active Blockference

Active Blockference

Active Blockference is a project stewarded by participants in the Active Inference Institute. It consists of an open-source Python package combining cadCAD (complex systems modeling framework and library) and pymdp (an active inference Markov Decision Process engine) for the study of both theoretical and applied Active Inference.

Currently, Active Blockference is in active development and we welcome participants from all backgrounds to join our weekly discussions on Wednesdays (currently at 12 and 17 UTC) or contribute to the growing codebase at

Get involved

Join the Active Blockference channel in Active Inference Institute’s Discord server here.

Contributing to Coda

Most asynchronous collaboration happens in the Active Blockference Coda document (get access by joining one of the synchronous Active Blockference sessions). Participants are welcome to add comments, create pages, and propose projects for discussion in synchronous meetings.

Contributing to GitHub

There are two affordances for contributing to the GitHub repository for Active Blockference. The first is cloning the repo with the following command

git clone

To submit a pull-request (PR), create a new branch in your local version of the repository by running the command

git branch branchName

git checkout -b branchName

You can then create a new PR by sending your new branch to the repository with git push.

Alternatively (the recommended way to contribute for new participants), fork the repository by clicking the “fork” button on GitHub and once you’re ready to submit a PR, do so from your version of the GitHub repository.