Check out all Active Inference Institute videos on YouTube or Odysee, or check out the interactive list of all past and upcoming livestreams.

Below there are some representative links from each of the main video livestream series

Livestream discussions are centered around research articles that deal with Active Inference, Free Energy Principle, and related topics

GuestStreams are presentations and discussions with a range of researchers and practitioners

OrgStream are discussions about Organizations. We discuss the state of modern organizational design, in Decentralized Science (DeSci) and beyond, from the perspective of Active Inference

MathStreams are presentations and discussions about Math and formalisms that are essential or adjacent to Active Inference

ModelStreams are presentations and walk-throughs of computational models related to Active Inference entities and settings

Quarterly Roundtables are updates from the Active Inference Institute on projects and updates -- check it out, and come get involved!