Active Inference Institute

The Active Inference Institute (AII) is a non-profit organization that is a open-science institute curating and developing applications related to the Active Inference framework.

The goal of AII is to produce cutting-edge research, teach and enable real-world applications of Active Inference.

AII also seeks to scaffold the Active Inference community: increasing the competency of participants & raising broader awareness of these topics.

Participate in Active Inference Institute

We seek participation from:

  • All who are curious about Active Inference and how they might increase their competency in this area (all backgrounds, time zones, and levels of familiarity with Active Inference are welcome).

  • Individuals who seek to assist projects of various kinds through role-based participation, thus learning Active Inference by doing.

  • Researchers who seek collaborations that apply Active Inference to their field or system of interest.

  • Those who have mastered another domain (such as ontology, linguistics, machine learning, agent-based approaches, robotics, communications).

  • Anyone looking to adapt and innovate through transdisciplinary research, generation of start ups, applications to industry, and more.

To reduce your uncertainty about affordances for participation, please get in touch with us through email: before or after completing our Participation form.