Internship Format at the Active Inference Institute

  • The Internship at Active Inference Institute is a 1-6 month long program (customized to situation and timing of each person)

  • Most work will be done on your own time. Most synchronous interactions will be in the context of AII group meetings (e.g. for Learning Groups and for Projects).

    • Also you will be assigned a 1:1 mentor, and have periodic synchronous and asynchronous check-ins with them.

  • There are two primary components to the Internship

    • Participation in Learning Groups (Active Inference Textbook, Systems Thinking, etc).

    • Participation on Projects (Specific Project assignment will be discussed with the Intern).

Benefits of the Internship

  • For the Intern

    • Knowledge in Active Inference and associated areas — Increased familiarity and expertise

    • Practical experience with team working and Project-specific skills

    • Upon completion of term of internship:

      • Acknowledgement and Certification that one completed the Internship with the duration and focus specified.

      • Availability of research infrastructure & future, consideration for paid positions

      • Possible letter of recommendation (this is up to the person you ask)

  • For Active Inference Institute

    • Increased participation in Learning Groups.

    • Advancement of projects & increased impact/service to the epistemic niche (reflected by increased quality of e.g. Livestreams, Journal publications, value added to Textbook)

Intern Responsibilities

  • Active and documented participation in the two primary aspects of the Internships (Learning Groups and Project).

  • Active communication with Learning Groups, Projects, and Mentor.

  • Staying balanced and healthy.

  • Openness to adapting the Internship plan and approach as needed, and being proactive about this.